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Shopober is the best retail management system. You can start using Shopober free pos software either the full version on trial basis or the limited version forever. It is a complete point of sale management systsem (POS) for your retail store. The pos system software is one of the best in Pakistan and UAE. Call our Pakistan office on +92-512825565 or UAE office on +971 566029394/5 now to let us handle the configuration part.

About The Point of Sale (POS)

Shopober is built for winodows platform using WPF. We regularly push updates to our clients based on the growing needs of our valued clients. Few of the top features of the POS are listed below

  1. Unlimited number of users
  2. Multi branches with online syncing
  3. Beautiful and easy sale/purchase screen with User access restriction managed from the application
  4. Integration with Microsoft SQL Server for medium and large businesses
  5. OneClick updates
  1. Free point of sale (POS) and Inventory Management
  2. Point of Sale with complete accounting
  3. Expiry and Stock intimation
  4. Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet / Statement of business standing
  5. Optional Custom account heads and voucher management for advanced accounting
  1. Best stock tagging including easy integration with scanner and printer
  2. User access restriction managed from the application
  3. Full documentation available online
  4. Least sale items / Most sale items
  5. Customer / Supplier Ledgers
point of sale (POS) Sale screen Point of Sale (POS) Report Screen

Why we are the best
for you

Your retail business needs the best technology available. We have invested years to perfect the point of sale hardware and software integration. We believe shopober is the best point of sale system in Islamabad. We also sell shopober across the world.

Point of sale hardware

We provide our customer acquire the best pos hardware available in very affordable rates. If your business is in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi or any other city across pakistan than you have no better option than Shopober. We claim Shopober is the best pos system in such an affordable rates.

Easy POS Software

Our customers have helped us refine the software for years to make it the easiest point of sale solution in pakistan.

Customized Point of Sale

Shopober licensing is intelligently developed. Based on the license only required featured are installed so that our customers feel the simplicity of the POS.

Best POS Software
in the market

Shopober is the best software for single retail store as well as stores chain. The data from multiple store is synced to your centralized server.

POS income statement


Shopober POS bundle comes pre-configured and ready to deploy. If you have any question feel free to contact +92-512825565

What includes in the POS hardware bundle

A CPU, a printer, a scanner and a screen are minimal requirements of any POS system. Additional equipments like cash drawers etc are also provided on demand.

Does Shopober POS software pakistan free download works on windows computer?

Yes, the free download works right away when you download the installable and run it on your computer. The free download is only configured for small businesses and has a trial expiry period.

What is the point of sale machine price in Pakistan?

It depends on your need. The whole setup cost depends on the desired devices like a computer, a screen, scanner, printer, cash drawer etc. For minimal setup the hardware will cost you around PKR 20,000-30000. If you have already the hardware, you will only need to pay for the license charges.

How can I purchase POS software in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Peshawar, Gilgit or any other city in pakistan?

We have sale representatives in most of the cities across Pakistan. If you don't have large chain of stores, we can also deliver pre-configured systems. Our deployment process is so simple that it will only take few clicks to configure single store pos system.

What is the overall POS hardware and Software price in Pakistani Ruppees?

The hardware can also be purchased by the client himself. Reffer to shopober.com for different pricing structure based on your requirements.

How to upadte Shopober retail software in pakistan?

The update is automatic. If you are connected to the internet and we push any update to our servers. The application automatically check for update and guide you for the rest of the process.

Shopober Retail Management software is the best point of sale for small businesses in Islamabad, Pakistan. Shopober trial version is available for you to test before purchase.

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Shopober specializes in Point of Sale Software for small businesses that can harness the power of a retail POS system to digitize their business model and grow at a steady pace. Using our retail POS software, you can keep a track of your business matters like inventory, sales and finances. We offer packaged POS system for sale at very affordable yearly plans.

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Get the best retail software in Pakistan with just a few clicks and pay only for the features that you use.

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